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Contaminated land and groundwater advice and guidance

As a small, independent company, MDK environmental can offer flexible, competitive and impartial support and guidance on contaminated land and groundwater issues.  We have a detailed understanding of the UK regulatory regime and can offer practical advice on issues associated with legislation, such as Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations 2009.

With our in-depth knowledge of the industry and regulatory regime, MDK environmental can offer technical and project management services ranging from the characterisation of single sites to the management of contamination issues across a property portfolio.

With our knowledge of the broad range of issues that can impact contaminated land and groundwater management, we can provide preliminary guidance on issues such as ecological and geotechnical constraints and offer support and advice on the procurement of specialist consultants and contractors, where required

Project Management

MDK environmental has a strong track record in the management of complex and sensitive contaminated land and groundwater projects.  With our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the contaminated land industry, we are well placed to undertake the management of projects to deliver cost effective outcomes for the client.

Our management role can be tailored to meet the client’s and project’s requirements and include some, or all, of the following services:

  • Project contract and financial management
  • Client’s Representative role
  • Selection, procurement  and management of specialist contractors and consultants
  • Management of the tender process and selection of remediation contractors
  • Risk and liability management
  • Project team coordination and management
  • Regulator and stakeholder liaison
  • Report preparation

Site characterisation, development of conceptual site models and risk assessment

One of the key aspects of determining and managing risk and liability is the development of a robust and defensible conceptual site model.  This forms the basis of any risk assessment and mitigation strategy.

MDK environmental can offer site characterisation and risk assessment services and understands the importance of converting site investigation data and quantitative risk assessments into realistic and pragmatic risk mitigation strategies that meet both the clients and regulators objectives.

Technical report review

MDK environmental has the skills and experience required to undertake peer review of third party reports and documents.  There have been many changes to the contaminated land and groundwater regulatory regime and best practice approaches to assessment over the last 10 years and, for older reports, we can provide a summary of the current requirements for assessment and identify potential issues with the work previously undertaken. 

We can provide a verbal or written report comprising a summary of the work conducted, an assessment of potential data gaps, advice on regulatory issues, a preliminary strategy and recommendations for further work, if required.

Remediation options appraisals and feasibility studies

The selection of the most appropriate remediation technology (or combination of technologies) is key to achieving the remedial goals, managing financial, environmental and health risks associated with the works, and undertaking the works in a sustainable, cost effective manner.

The selection of a technology, or group of technologies, will be determined by the nature of the contaminants, impacted media, site conditions and remedial objectives.  With our in-depth knowledge and practical experience of implementing a broad range of remediation technologies, we can undertake independent options appraisals and feasibility studies to rank remediation technologies to support the decision making process.

With our knowledge of the market and technology providers, we can advise on the selection of contractors and the implementation of pilot trials for remediation technologies.

Soil and groundwater remediation design and implementation

MDK environmental has over 15 years of experience of developing cost effective remediation designs to mitigate risks associated with contaminated land and groundwater.  We have a detailed knowledge of the full range of remediation options for both soils and groundwater. 

We can provide designs, works risk assessments, risk registers and specification documents for remediation schemes, and undertake or support the client in the procurement of specialist remediation contractors. 

MDK environmental can also act as the client’s representative during the implementation of the works providing supervision, project and cost management, guidance on health, safety and environmental issues,  and verification services.

Risk mitigation strategy development and implementation

There are a number of methods of managing risks posed by contamination, of which soil or groundwater remediation are just two.   Where risk management is required as part of a broader development scheme or management of an operational facility, the most cost effective approach is often to include a range of integrated mitigation measures that may be implemented at various phases of the overall project or over the life of the facility. We can combine our technical knowledge and project management skills to develop a holistic risk mitigation strategy for a site and manage the implementation of these measures during the life of the project.

One of the key elements of developing and implementing a strategy is to ensure the objectives are clearly defined and agreed by all stakeholders and that all parties are kept abreast of developments throughout the programme.  MDK environmental can undertake regulator and other stakeholder liaison on behalf of the client, and has a strong track record in working with clients and stakeholders to achieve risk mitigation objectives in a transparent, defensible and robust manner. 

Sustainability assessments

MDK environmental is committed to providing sustainable and integrated solutions to contaminated land and groundwater issues for brownfield redevelopment and operational sites.  The use of sustainable remediation and the development of sustainable risk mitigation strategies for sites with impacted soils and groundwater will be of increasing importance over the coming years.

Through the provision of sustainability assessments, MDK environmental can assess the potential financial, environmental and social impacts of a project, to enable informed decision making and selection of the optimal solution.  MDK environmental offers a tiered approach to sustainability assessments, in line with the SuRF-UK framework document, ranging from simple qualitative assessments through to cost benefit analysis.

The development of sustainable solutions for contaminated land and groundwater issues draws on all our service areas and includes:

  • the development of realistic objectives based on risk assessment and client and regulator liaison;
  • the selection of sustainable remediation techniques;
  • the use of other risk mitigation measures; and
  • designs that maximise the use of site-derived materials and minimise waste.

Review and Qualified Person sign off of materials management plans

MDK environmental can prepare and review Materials Management Plans and provide guidance on the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice.  We can also undertake the role of Qualified Person to sign off the Declaration to demonstrate that the appropriate ‘lines of evidence’ have been put in place (CL:AIRE, 2008).


MDK environmental can provide training to landowners, regulators, consultants and contractors on topics such as:

  • Site assessment and characterisation
  • Site investigation techniques and best practice
  • Contaminant fate and transport
  • Remediation technologies – overview and selection
  • Remediation design

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