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Risk mitigation strategy development and implementation

There are a number of methods of managing risks posed by contamination, of which soil or groundwater remediation are just two.   Where risk management is required as part of a broader development scheme or management of an operational facility, the most cost effective approach is often to include a range of integrated mitigation measures that may be implemented at various phases of the overall project or over the life of the facility. We can combine our technical knowledge and project management skills to develop a holistic risk mitigation strategy for a site and manage the implementation of these measures during the life of the project.

One of the key elements of developing and implementing a strategy is to ensure the objectives are clearly defined and agreed by all stakeholders and that all parties are kept abreast of developments throughout the programme.  MDK environmental can undertake regulator and other stakeholder liaison on behalf of the client, and has a strong track record in working with clients and stakeholders to achieve risk mitigation objectives in a transparent, defensible and robust manner. 

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